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K-Vest is the solution to show the efficiency of your swing!

I work with all types of athletes during a normal work week. Baseball, tennis, and golf players are a common sight in the office. These sports have many things in common, striking a ball, short quick bursts of movement. One of the commonalities I want to discuss is rotational velocity.

Simply put, rotational velocity is how fast an object rotates around a fixed point. In sport, a player needs to be able to rotate different parts of their bodies in quick bursts of speed to accelerate a bat, club or racket. I’ll try to keep it simple; the pelvis and torso need to rotate quickly and efficiently.

We call this rotational acceleration. The faster a player can accelerate this rotational velocity the faster the bat, club or racket moves through the impact zone. Faster speed through the zone equals more power. This correlates to faster exit velocity of the ball off a bat, club head or racket. Sounds simple…

Legs, pelvis, torso, shoulders, and arms are all factors in the acceleration. The timing or sequencing of these body parts in relation to each other is the key to maximize acceleration. We can measure these velocities with a K-Motion vest. By placing sensors on the pelvis, torso, lead arm and wrist we can capture a 3-D image along with numerical data of your swing. This gives us an objective measurement before and after a training program designed to increase power.

Here is an example of the K-Vest data that shows us the efficiency of your swing:

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